Discover and share shiny new coffee things.

Jura Giga X3 Commercial Coffee Machine

State of the art ceramic grinder with fine foam technology and the latest one touch programming.

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Saturdays Surf NYC

New York’s premier downtown surf shop with a café inside

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The Iikone Brewer

The IIKONE mk1 is the very first pourover coffee brewer with a totally unobstructed filter.

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The Best Coffee in Moscow

Daily Coffee News is on the case

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Proud Mary Coffee Roasters

We love exploring coffee and showcasing it in all its glory

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Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee

Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee in a grocery store near you

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Saturdays Blend No.1

Saturdays Blend No.1 – Medium dark roast best described as raw and full bodied

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Oomph Portable Coffee Maker

The Oomph is the worlds fastest hand powered portable coffee maker and travel cup.

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The Growth Show – Blue Bottle Coffee CEO James Freeman

CEO James Freeman shares the secrets of Blue Bottle Coffee

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Espresso Melbourne

New version of Espresso Melbourne now live

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Blue Bottle Kyoto Iced Coffee

Room-temperature water is dripped over coffee grounds for eight hours

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Itzamna Guatemala at Intelligentsia Coffee

This year’s Itzamna is particularly balanced and refined

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The Morning Grind – Email Newsletter for Coffee Snobs

Are you a coffee snob? Looking for the latest tips to perfect your pour over? About to discover your next favorite roast?

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5 Crimes against coffee

There are a lot of ways you can mess up a good cup of coffee. But some of them are downright criminal.

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Donuts of Perfection

Coffee and donuts, the all-time perfect combination at Shortstop

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Salvador Coffee Roasters Sydney

Salvador are roasters of fine imported coffee beans from around the world

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Beanbuy’s mission is to connect the world’s coffee lovers with coffee

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Coffee Grind Refining System on Kickstarter

The Rafino is a coffee refining system that delivers the most consistent grind with micron level precision

Patricia Coffee Brewers

I worry that I’m not going to be able to contain myself

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Espresso Ventures

Venture capital for coffee