Frequently Asked Questions

What’s going on here?

Coffee Spotter highlights the best new coffee, places and products every day. It’s a platform for coffee loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest coffees, cafés, coffee gear, websites, mobile apps and other coffee related stuff.

How do I submit a product?

Sure thing! After logging in, click the “+” button in the top right and submit the product’s URL, name, and tagline. Each post should include the:

  • URL – Direct link to the product page (avoid links to press or blogs)
  • Product Name
  • Tagline – Very short description of the product (make it catchy!)
  • Collection (optional) – Add the product to one of your collections

Here are a few examples:
Product 1 – Create amazing time lapse videos (by Instagram)
Product 2 – Use your iPad as a second display for your mac
Product 3 – Tweet live video in one click

If the product hasn’t been submitted before and meets the community guidelines, you will be crowned the spotter for that product.

I submitted a product and I don’t see it on the homepage. Why? :(

Every day, hundreds of new products are submitted to Coffee Spotter. Unfortunately, not everything can be featured on the homepage but those that receive legitimate upvotes from the community, may rise to the top. In some cases, products are flagged for removal if they do not meet our community guidelines.

Visit your Coffee Spotter profile to see your submissions.

What is the Upcoming feed?

The Upcoming feed is a firehose of product submissions, not yet featured. Some of these products will surface on the homepage based on the community’s interest but please do not ask for upvotes.

What kind of things do you allow on Coffee Spotter?

Coffee Spotter is for sharing new, interesting coffee ideas, activities and products. It isn’t the place for blog posts, news articles, or contract services.

Do you accept submissions for unreleased products?

We encourage people to submit launched products that are available to play with immediately; however, the occasional crowdfunded, pre-launch, or private beta submission is acceptable if it provides thorough information about the product (e.g. explainer video, product feature walkthrough) and proof that it’s not vaporware. That said, we may remove pre-launch submissions and recommend founders to wait until their product has launched before submitting.

What about products that have been around a while?

People visit Coffee Spotter to discover new things. While most submissions should be for new products, occasionally lesser known hunts are equally loved. Since “new” is subjective, we reserve the right to remove submissions that may be well known within the community.

May I post updates for products previously submitted?

Product updates must be substantial, such as the launch of a mobile app or complete product redesign with new functionality, to be considered for resubmission.

How are products ranked?

Every day, new products are submitted and upvoted by the community, ranked by the number of upvotes, time since submission, and other factors.

Why can’t I submit a product?

Currently, product submissions are available to those that have received an invite from someone in the community.

How do invites work?

Commenting and posting permissions are granted to those that have been nominated by someone in the community. Invites are granted each week to the most engaged and thoughtful contributors based on a variety of factors. Those with invites available can nominate others by submitting their Twitter username on the Invite page.

If you do not know anyone that has an invite, please know that those that demonstrate active participation on the site (e.g. upvoting products, creating collections) and thoughtful discussion on Twitter (we’re watching!), may also be invited to join.

I really want to join the conversation. Why can’t I comment?

Anyone can upvote and collect products; however, Coffee Spotter isn’t prepared to open the discussion to the world. We’re working hard to scale the product and team so that more product-loving folks can join the conversation. Meanwhile, we’re giving existing members in the community the ability to invite new members to join.

May I privately message other people on Coffee Spotter?

A small number of journalists have access to Direct Messages, making it easy for them to contact makers they want to write about. Those whitelisted will see a “Message” button on user profiles. If you’d prefer to opt-out of receiving direct messages, disable this feature in your settings.

My product is on Coffee Spotter. How can I join the discussion?

Log in with your personal Twitter account under your name, and shoot us a tweet at @CoffeeSpotters so we can give you access. Once you’re in, feel free to briefly introduce yourself in the comments. Pro tip: those that answer questions and actively engage in the discussion (examples here, here, and here) tend to get more attention and appreciation from the community.

May I ask people to upvote for my product?

Please don’t. People should upvote things they genuinely like or find interesting, not because they were peer pressured to do so. Feel free to spread the word and bring friends into the discussion, but asking or incentivizing people to upvote may trigger the algorithm to drop the product in the ranks or remove it from the front page entirely.

What does the “C” badge represent?

Founders and makers of the product often join the conversation, answering questions and sharing their story. These people are highlighted with a fancy, green “M” badge.

What do those gold stars next to products represent?

Gold stars highlight exclusives — special discounts or early access offer just for the Coffee Spotter community. Level, Front 2.0, and Interbot are a few past examples.

I’m launching a product and would love to offer a Coffee Spotter exclusive. How can we set that up?

Awesome. :) Coffee Spotter exclusive launches often get more love and attention. Here are a few guidelines:

Make it special. Offer a meaningful discount (if it’s a paid product) or early access* not available to the general public.
Introduce the exclusive. Your landing page should mention the offer (e.g. “Hello, Coffee Spotters! Get 30% off with code, ‘CoffeeSpotter30’”). Feel free to keep it simple, or get creative like our friends at Algolia.
It has to be new. Like all posts on Coffee Spotter, the product must be new to the community. Sorry, no reposts.
If that sounds good, please send us details and we’ll get the ball rolling.

*Unfortunately, we cannot accept TestFlight or limited release betas. The product must be useable/downloadable immediately for everyone on Coffee Spotter.

How can I subscribe to the Coffee Spotter email digest?

Every weekday (or every Monday if you prefer) we send an email digest highlighting fantastic product collections, new feature announcements, top upvoted products, and other fun stuff not available on the Coffee Spotter site. You can subscribe here.

Where are my keys?

Sorry but we can’t help you with that. You’ll have to hunt this down yourself.

Want to join or organize a Coffee Spotter meetup?

Coffee Spotter meetups are a fun opportunity to hang out with fellow product-loving folks in your city.
Visit our meetup page for a list of upcoming events from across the globe and if you’re interested in organizing one in your city, let us know — we’ll help spread the word. :)

Why are posts removed?

Posts may be removed from Coffee Spotter if they are duplicate, off topic, offensive, submitted by a company Twitter account, or in violation of our Terms.

We know, nobody likes rules but we have to set some guidelines. :)

If you think a post was removed in error, please drop us a line at

Where can I download brand assets to use on my site or article?

If your product was featured on Coffee Spotter or if you’re writing an article about our little piece of the internet, we have assets and branding guidelines available here.

How can I reach you?

Feel free to reach us by email at or on Twitter (@CoffeeSpotters).

Is there a Coffee Spotter mobile app?

Not yet! We’ll have a lovely iOS app available shortly and there are plans to release an Android app in the future (sorry, no ETA yet!).

What are Browser Notifications?

Browser Notifications are tiny alerts used to inform you about trending products, breaking launches, replies to your comments, and other useful (and infrequent) updates. Turn them on here.

I changed my mind and want to disable Browser Notifications?

Here is how you can disable the notifications for Chrome and Safari.

Does Coffee Spotter have an RSS feed?

We sure do! Here it is.

I’m hiring. May I advertise on Coffee Spotter?

Absolutely. The Coffee Spotter audience is global, with talent in marketing, engineering, product management, design, and more. Job opportunities are promoted on the Jobs Board in addition to the the email digest. Contact us at for more information.

Where can I find your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

For your reading pleasure, review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Who’s behind Coffee Spotter?

We’re flattered you asked. :) Learn more about us here.